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On Schedule

Passover Schedule

Thursday April 18 (After sunset) / 14 Nisan -       Bedikat Hametz  (Search for leaven)

Friday April 19 Fast of First Born  
      7.00 AM Morning minyan, followed by Siyum and Breakfast (to exempt first-born from fasting)
      6.00 PM  Mincha/Ma’ariv
             Seder at Homes  / 15 Nisan

Non-egalitarian services in the minyan room for Passover will be held at 9:30 am on April 20, 21 & 26, 27. No evening non-egalitarian Passover services will be held.

Egalitarian services scheduled as below.

Saturday  April 20  10 AM  Shacharit - morning Service - Note start time
Junior Congregation
No Mincha/Ma’ariv

       Second Seder at Homes  16  Nisan

Sunday  April 21  10 AM  Shacharit - morning Service - Note start time
    7.45   Mincha/Ma’ariv followed by Havdallah

    Yom Tov ends at 8.20 

Monday April 22 through Thurs April 25
7.15  AM   Shacharit – Morning service
6.00 PM    Mincha – Afternoon service
                  (Thurs April 25 – followed by Yom Tov Ma’ariv)

Friday April 26
9.00 AM      Shacharit Morning Service
6.00 PM       Mincha/Ma’ariv

Saturday April 27
9.00 AM   Shacharit  Morning Service
 Yizkor – approx.  11 AM
7.30 PM   Mincha/Ma’ariv

8.32 PM   End of Shabbat and Yom Tov


  • Wednesday mornings after minyan - study of Maimonides
  • Wednesday evenings after minyan - Insights into the Siddur


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