Hebrew School & Other Youth Education Programs

Gesher Religious School - nursery school through 7th grade

The Gesher school has combined with the Religious School of Congregation Shir Shalom.  The school functions currently as a two track school to meet the needs of the students.  This venture, with its many benefits, has proven to be the best solution for our small student body.  

Gesher students are pulled out for their Hebrew track and for weekly minyan with Cantor Spindler.  They participate with Shir Shalom students for the Judaic studies component.  Currently, Judaic curriculum is being modified for best accommodating both schools in the 2017-2018 School year and beyond.

School programs such as Friday night dinners, Siddur dedication, and Outstretched arm programs are still being held separately at Temple Beth Tzedek.

Forms for Gesher 2019-2020

Preschool - educational program for pre-school children and their parents

High School

Temple Beth Tzedek students (grades 8 through 12) attend the High School of Jewish Studies at Temple Beth Zion's Broder Center. The High School is independent of Gesher School, but the two schools coordinate some programming, including the Confirmation Class of Temple Beth Tzedek.

Classes at the High School of Jewish Studies meet Wednesday evenings during the school year.

L'Dor VaDor - an incentive program for youngsters to participate in the conduct of services

Junior Congregation

Special Shabbat morning services for schoolchildren. Junior Congregation gives kids the opportunity to learn and practice leadership of religious services with their friends.

Services begin at 10:30 a.m.

Miscellaneous links

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