5th Grade Vocabulary List

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586 B.C.E. First Temple destroyed by the Babylonians
Pagan Idol worshipper
Torah The Written Law
Targum Aramaic translation of the Torah
Machzor High Holiday prayer book
Minhag Custom or tradition
Jonah Prophetic reading (haftara) for mincha (afternoon service), Yom Kippur
Yamim noraim Ten days of Awe--beginning with Rosh Hashanah & ending with Yom Kippur
Kohelet Book of the Tanach read on Sukkot
Shalosh regalim The three pilgrimage holidays--Pesach, Sukkot, & Shavuot
Tanach The complete Hebrew bible, made up of Torah, Neviim, Ketuvim
Neviim Prophets--2nd part of the Tanach
Ketuvim Writings--3rd part of the Tanach
Esther Book of the Torah read on Purim
Mitzvot Commandments found in the Torah
Tikun olam "Repairing the World"
Sanhedrin Jewish supreme court in ancient times
Oral Law Initially unwritten explanations of the Torah; later written as Talmud
Nasi President of the Sanhedrin
Halacha Jewish Law
Gemilut chasidim "Deeds of loving kindness"
70 C.E. Second Temple destroyed by the Romans
Tanaim Sages and Rabbis whose teachings became the Mishnah